PW Shipping Policy


After the order is generated, how to deal with it?


After the order is generated, PW will send you an order confirmation email. This indicates that we have received the order and payment. We will immediately confirm with warehouse management that the product is tested and ready to ship (as long as there is sufficient stock, the product is ready to ship). Brand new products must be tested and 100% complete before being delivered to the logistics company. In rare cases, if the stock is low or out of stock and the product is defective, we will contact you immediately to inform the situation, and decide whether to continue waiting for the product to be on the shelf or refund according to your wishes, and we will fully respect personal choice.


Generally, orders are submitted within 1-3 business days for dispatch to be arranged. If the product shows up for pre-order in your country, your order will be pre-ordered. Pre-order items will ship within 1-2 weeks of placing the order.


All orders within the region will receive free shipping. The order is generally placed by the designated cooperative logistics company by default. If other logistics companies are required, additional shipping costs will be charged.


After receiving the order confirmation, if the customer does not provide detailed instructions, it is generally assumed that the logistics company cooperated with PW will deliver the goods. If the customer has any order information that needs to be modified, such as delivery address or order cancellation, PW will fully cooperate with the customer to modify and obtain a full refund.


order tracking
Once the order is confirmed, we will ship it to the address specified by the customer within a fixed preparation time. You can view the package delivery status, carrier information, and logistics tracking code on the account order details page, and update the logistics and transportation status in real time. In order to prevent the package from being unreceived after delivery, please ensure that your mailbox and phone are available, and care about the delivery status of your order within a cycle to ensure that you will not miss any package information and have a pleasant shopping experience.

If you do not receive the tracking code and confirmed tracking information in the email, please contact us at our designated email We will reply and help you anytime within 6 hours. Always pay attention to your package shipping. If you don't understand anything, you can contact us at any time, and we will keep you updated with the latest logistics trends.


Incorrect order information


After the order is placed, you can modify the delivery address of the order or change other order information at any time before the package is dispatched. We will try our best to confirm and negotiate with the logistics company to change the order information. Please understand that if the package has been sent from the logistics company's warehouse and is already in transit, it may not be able to be modified successfully, otherwise it will increase time and cost. Hope you have any need for modification, please contact us as soon as possible.


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